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The Contract

The Contract

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There's a killer on the loose -Three Gruesome Murders.

A shooting, a garrotting, a drowning…

all in different states with no connections between the victims.

But, as the victims are identified, it appears they are not model citizens. Add to that, the fact that a calling card has been left at every scene...A single white feather!

But no ordinary white feather.

It becomes apparent that there is a serial killer on the loose.

As the body count rises, FBI Agents Cox and Symes are plunged into a cat and mouse chase across the USA and beyond, to find the elusive, brutal killer.

All they have to go on is the description of a thin, white male with a blond beard, and the trail of strange white feathers.

But just like his signature, there is nothing ordinary about this killer.

Judge, Jury, Executioner... This contract must be fulfilled.

Again a fine read by Dave and his sadly recently departed co-author William. Signed and Dedicated upon request.