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Rubbish world of Dave Spud- Official Guide

Rubbish world of Dave Spud- Official Guide

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Official book based on CITV's most-watched after school show - The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, starring Johnny Vegas!

Packed with 
facts, quizzes, stories, games and jokes, this Official Guide is a must-have for fans of the animated TV show.

What do they call him? DAVE SPUD! If there's one thing that disaster-magnet Dave Spud knows, it's that no matter how rubbish things get, there is always room for them to get worse!

  • Based on one of the most-watched after school CITV animations
  • All-star cast starring Johnny Vegas as the voice of Dave Spud
  • Full-colour pages throughout!
  • Themes of humour and silliness for endless entertainment