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Rock 'n' Roll Unravelled

Rock 'n' Roll Unravelled

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Every so often you find a book that actually makes sense, this is one such.
Derek has been involved in music both as a performer and also a lover and sharer too as a Radio Presenter and rare vinyl seller for nigh on 50 years.

So, he really does know his stuff and loves delving into the dates and times and meanings, this book is huge, but you can read it a page at a time and at any point in time there is always something worth seeing and more importantly going off to listen to...

Derek is on Facebook @rocknrollunravelled and Twitter @RnRUnravelled

He hosted his own show on the very wonderful Access NW Radio with a new show on a Monday and selective repeats on Wednesdays and Saturdays too. He is a regular guest presenter/specialist on many UK local radio shows- Mop Tops goes out to 100 stations worldwide!

 We are delighted to be able to offer you a chance to get a dedicated/signed copy too, If you order and want it dedicating just supply details in the message box when you order.

It is a huge book- Overseas postage is £8

Rock’n’Roll Unravelled tells the story of rock’n’roll from its roots up until mid-1970s punk. Not just the music but also the external events which shaped the music, such as the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights struggle. The book’s unique three-part structure provides: 1 Timeline: a chronological timeline of events which shows careers and genres ebbing and flowing; 2 It Happened Today: events, recording sessions, album and singles releases, births and deaths, major festivals, key events in the Vietnam War and Civil Rights struggle and much more; 3 Pocket Histories: built up from all of the artists and band stories in part 2, plus a look how major bands like the Beatles, Stones and Led Zeppelin came together, and where musicians came from and went to when they joined and left bands. Record Collector magazine described the book as, “…Shelmerdine has made a painstaking effort to document pretty much every event that would prove significant in shaping popular music … [he] has produced a comprehensive guide … in this endlessly distracting and weighty labour of love.” Dr Hook’s Dennis Locorriere said of the book, “You can trace the roads we’ve traveled. Here in Rock’n’Roll Unravelled! Well researched and informative as hell!” Rock’n’Roll Unravelled’s 700 pages bring the lives and times of the 1950’s ’60s and ’70s vividly to life.