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My Father and other working class Football heroes by Gary Imlach

My Father and other working class Football heroes by Gary Imlach

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This is a nearly new copy- it is signed to 'John' by Gary Imlach, my dad loved the book but doesn't keep them anymore, so it may make a nice present. Priced to sell.


We can supply non signed copies and will speak to Gary about bookplates for future orders too...

A poignant and moving account of the author’s search for the man his father was and the life he led as a well-known footballer, blending the personal and the historical into an unforgettable story

Stewart Imlach was an ordinary neighbourhood soccer star of his time.

A brilliant winger who thrilled the crowd on Saturdays, then worked alongside them in the off-season; who represented Scotland in the 1958 World Cup and never received a cap for his efforts; who was Man of the Match for Nottingham Forest in the 1959 FA Cup Final, and was rewarded with the standard offer - £20 a week, take it or leave it.

Gary Imlach grew up a privileged insider at Goodison Park when Stewart moved into coaching. He knew the highlights of his father's career by heart. But when his dad died he realised they were all he knew. He began to realise, too, that he'd lost the passion for football that his father had passed down to him. In this book he faces his growing alienation from the game he was born into, as he revisits key periods in his father's career to build up a picture of his football life - and through him a whole era.

‘The most emotionally charged and moving sports book I've ever read’ Daily Mail

There is also a need to note...

Gary Imlach’s Sports Book of the Year Award, updates daily, via this page is: https://news.williamhill.com/sport/sports-book-of-the-year/