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You're safe with me

There are many wonderful books, you often wonder how any more ever can be made and then they appear like magic,
because that is what is offered here.
This book is truly utterly gorgeous, truly hypnotic yet subtly mind blowing and surely destined to win things,
even if it's just Ahhh!
a lot.

 Because invoking feelings is what the best books do.

 Chitra weaves words of magic and belief with reassurance and resonance and Poonam must have eyes of a hawk and hands of a monkey as the dextrosity  here is just mindblowing and the use of colour so vivid and again hypnotic.

It is a genuine bedtime book, but I'd also say any time of day book, because it has meaning, metaphor and magnificence in all areas.

You could ask for art work to do those mindfulness colouring's with, that'd work well.
You could play see how many animals are hidden in the jungle of creation that has been made for us.

The elegance of any story is simplicity, repetition but not repeating oneself, adding layers and meaning and making it become a mantra and that is just what Chitra has done here. Safe means such a lot, and she ever so cleverly makes us feel it.

The book is due 3rd May and will be £12.99 and again my offer is don't use amazon, use us or similar...
£10 through Paypal on the home page and one will appear as if by magic.

Chitra is doing events and festivals, go meet her, hear her, thank her and take copies away in multiples... this book needs to be in every home and I mean EVERY... whatever age or creed or colour we are...universally love and security and stories unite us, be of one with this wisdom filled story with added swirls of divinity.

Anything less than 12/10 would be a cruelty I can't inflict...