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You Me Everything - review

Catherine Isaac is a new name on the best seller charts, however as a writer she has always been a huge hit, she wrote as Jane Costello for 10 years and has had much success, she is acutely observant of how we behave and feel and her characters are lifelike and easy to like or dislike, she is something of a modern Jane Austen for me.

She has written a beautiful book with You Me Everything, that simple phrase alone says so much, it encompasses the essence of what we all have said or wanted to say to someone else, but Catherine does it with such class and meaning it just works so well.

Jess is a single mum, she has a brilliant outlook on life and just does what she has to, her son William is 10 and really doesn't know his dad, but, that will change. They are flying off to Provence to stay in a new chateau/holiday home complex built up from ruin by his father Adam, who isn't interested in anyone but himself and his sex life... 

Jess has a problem other than how to deal with Adam and his involvement with William, her parents have real problems and it may or not make a huge difference to Jess for the future. As we all contemplate our own lives and futures and feelings being able to read something so well written and packed with meaning and feeling is just a tonic.

Catherine has chosen a harrowing topic for her back story, Huntingdon's Chorea and her ability to weave it into the plot is mesmeric, she covers everything you could possibly want/need without once becoming overbearing or textbooky, that is a great tribute to her writing. To mix the joy de vivre of an idyllic French holiday away from the stress and worry of mundane Manchester with heart rending topics that just literally make you cry as you read is a real touch of class.

She puts so much into her characters on all levels, they do become alive and her wry and knowing flourishes of observant humour are impeccable. A book like this will make a great film and one hopefully is on the way, it's easy yet deep and clever but relevant, I would love to see it actually on the Costa list or similar, it's ideal for Richard and Judy I'd say.

The description, pacing and emotional involvement are sensationally well done, a real treat and worthy of every success.

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