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YA God like.

What can you say about a new Melvin Burgess that hasn't been said before?
That's what I'll say, because I know, I'm lucky I've read it in one sitting and it's not out til' August and I really hope to be doing events in September to promote it to more lucky ones, YA readers AND adults... because as others say and I've always said... These books weren't around when we grew up, we missed them or rather they missed us by a generation, but we can relive the joy now and we must, there should be a law.
Melvin is genuinely a lovely guy, we met about 10 years ago when he came to Formby to put Ice in our heads from the Sagas Volsun. He became a regular supporter of Indies like mine and tried to keep me open. Sadly even with support from him and others it didn't happen.
But as I also read Norse, what goes around comes around so to speak and the future is what it will be, we just have to be brave and face it.
He obviously became part Viking as I have also done! Because he's brought them back, big time... but in such a clever way, akin to Rune Marks by Joanne Harris, it's subtle and powerful and mythical and mystical all at once.
Some names stand out to spot such as Odi, but he first appears as a hare pursued by the Hunt, so apt we have a real Jeremy in a position of power within our blighted Tory Govt, how very apt. However, others are hidden, so well, in plain sight/reading and then appear as if summoned by magic. And that is what this is about, not your wavy wandy Potty magicky stuff, real Magicke as old as time and all around us, IF only we could see it.
Some can and know, others choose not to or are scared, I suppose you would be... 
The Be all and End all is just that, Little Bea and again so cleverly done. She can commune with nature and is a Summoner... just wait until you get inside her head.
The book is absolutely brilliant, he always is, he also does stuff, whatever he wants and rightly so, we DO NOT need false barriers to any reading ever, any criticism of any language or sex or violence is misguided at least, we NEED it in our lives and heads, for us to understand and even embrace it, seriously we do. So yes as an advisory I'd say you need to be old enough in your head to take the plot and ideas in, there is one beautifully written section that will make Hay with some. It really is beautifully written and imagined and so real, so let it be real, do not hide it and say it's not.
The belief in Magic and Gods is just that, something we have or not, whatever their name and appearance, it's obvious they walk amongst us, it's merely a name and what they are that is all. The TRICK is in your belief and ability to do what you must. 
The skateboarding is great, I never mastered that Teen Magic, Tech is in there and again so cleverly done, another Steam Punk interpretation of sorts, we become machines... Love is a vital part of any story and lives, Melvin masters it and maybe, just a little because he's been found again will he be seen and read and heard again. 
I've had 3 years in the darkness, I'm out and about again and can't wait to do something Epic with this book in September, you all better believe in it...
Due 1st September in HB at £12.99 avoid certain online offers buy off us for £10 inc delivery, just use our Paypal link on the homepage.
It is hard to always give 10/10 but if I do it is because it deserves it, I've even found need to crank beyond a few times, this time it's simple a God Like 10/10 by a true Legend of Lore that is Mr Melvin B.