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So why do we have a replica Viking longship, albeit a small one!  although if you google 'Serpentyne' the band, it's been used in their video.
Well, Formby was connected with the Vikings and indeed Anglo Saxons and is on the coast, but more importantly it's because we do talks and show and tells and demonstrate about the period with a wonderful Annual Viking/Medieval Market Day on the last Saturday of September, now in it's SEVENTH year!
Do put the date in your diary it's at the Gild Hall Grounds on the main road through Formby.
We have food/drink and arts and crafts and re-enactments and sometimes music...


We will be at the lovely Atkinson in Southport on May 31st and several times later in the year doing demonstrations... 10-4 each time...do come.


This is our own approved version of an ancient game called Hnefatafl- some call it Viking Chess, we formed a club, we have a UK Champion from 2015 and a World champion from 2017 and regularly do demonstrations at libraries, schools and festivals.


Then there is our Viking version of Jenga, it's got added points for certain coloured bricks which help us tell the story of the building of the Wall of Asgard, it's a great way to introduce a game and a saga to the children.


Then there is Kubb, which is a little like skittles and we find a popular team game, again we have developed a simpler version for younger players.


Leo is the Tafl World Champion of 2017 and we do talks and demonstrations including my version of Ragnarok which I'm rather proud of...
It's a tone poem called 'Fimbulvintr' and here is the first few lines...


The snows will come

Driving hard

From all compass points


Biting winds

Shrill and screeching

Bringing cold

That cuts



Thrice the Winter will come

No relent

No Spring, No Summer, No Leaves



Winter upon Winter

Land swallowed by Ice…

Into Fimbulvintr’s corpselike grip


All encompassing feathers of frost riven snow

Ensnaring life with icy lament



We'd love to do these activities with or for you, we can travel and all we ask is you see and get in touch to discuss.

Easy option is to use email to tonythebook@live.co.uk

We will be 'Invading Warrington Library' in November for a day doing stories and games for them and we hope we can do some schools soon too.