Welcome Offer - 20% OFF RRPs over £30

Spreading the word

Hi folks,

It is going to take time for many of us to settle back into any form of normality.

It would be hugely appreciated if when on social media you could tag/like/share

We are well aware that there are other wonderful Indie Booksellers out there, we want them all to do well, it has been hard even being one for the last % years or so.

But, it would be great to get a few sales from friends and anyone who sees that we are here for what they may want.

We all know that Amazon is the easy option, but bear in mind they genuinely avoid paying taxes and we actual Indies pay ours, so we cannot always be as cheap as them, but we know you appreciate a fair price and we are aiming to be as fair as we possibly can.

As we try and ship for Free in the UK this is worth £1-4 in savings and on books over £6.99 we also add 20% discount too. For overseas orders we do have to put a shipping fee in place, but we will always let you know what that is until we can implement a 'table of charges'.

We are on Facebook as just Tony Higginson where we aim to focus on Music and Photography and a few jokes and views, the Business page as Beyond Books Media will share reviews and offers. 

We have a personal Instagram as higginson.tony and again this will be my efforts at Photography, the shop page will soon have book offers, we need to enable a few settings and then it will feed offers out.

Twitter is one presence @tonydoesbooks and will be what it is...

We cannot stock every book, but we are efficient at ordering and supplying, partly because our Wholesaler Gardners are so good, but we also have accounts with all of the major publishers too.

The website is a work in motion, it may well change how it looks periodically until we settle on a look.

So, Please be nice and share us on... If you think we can offer a deal in comparison with others, do ask, we want you to be happy when you shop with us.