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Sharing safely....

Hi folks, 

If you can sign up for the newsfeed and share on it would be hugely appreciated.

I say do it safely as it looks like we will still be at a distance from any real contacts for many months to come.

We specialise in events in schools, libraries and festivals. We were decimated in March and didn't get a retail grant because we no longer have a rate paying business premise. We did take out a Bounce Back Loan, so have debt and need to make sure we become economically viable enough to pay it back.

We will be developing and promoting books and maybe other products online.

I know some of you will have allegiances for your own Indie Bookshops, that is brilliant, but at times I'd like to think if we have something worth seeing you consider buying from us.

We have supported hundreds of authors and books over the years and still do
and will we hope be able to do external events and sales sometime in the Autumn.

We also feel it is important to support local talent, some of whom will not get mass market advertising or reviews. Some will be self published, don't throw the oh you support Amazon at them or me, it is not about that. I don't like what Amazon do and how they do it and how they treat their staff, I have worked for them. But, for many the opportunity to use their very effective Kindle platform and print on demand service actually makes a lot of sense. So, look properly at what people do and say and when you can make an effort to support them.

I'm no fan of Zoom etc, it's not as connected as reality, but we will use it, I know Joseph Delaney and he is willing to use it for Q and As and potential orders afterwards, also several authors I'm friends with such as Andy Briggs, Sarwat Chadda, Jon Mayhew and others would too, bear in mind for some, their income is for professional workshops and talks, so please consider ability to pay a fee.

Thre has been far too long a track of doing stuff for free, it hasn't worked and now some of us didn't get any/much support from the Government because our tax records showed minimal income/profit, all the work we did for free actually has directly impacted on our wellbeing.

We do live Storytelling and talks on many subjects, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends, Vikings and Egyptians, the research is very time consuming and is unpaid, so please if you do want a session think about what would you do for X quid and how much you need to sustain equity of life.

I think as we load stock on here from our live database on Gardlink it appears in the Shop tab on Facebook. Try and find time to follow Beyond Books Media there and share... We have signed copies from events and when we see them from Publishers and the Wholesalers, they should be treasured items, ideal gifts, so be quick when we share them as they often go.

We do air views on Twitter as well as do books, music and photography, we try and not swear, but sometimes we may not be quite as polite as we would be in reality, don't ever take offence none is ever directly intended. Sometimes in live debate we all will overstep the mark, we also should be willing to accept others views and back away.

We can deliver locally in the NW, we can post anywhere in the UK and we are also developing the best use of couriers for overseas orders. In the past we did do free postage, we just can't keep that going and survive although if we offer it do take it. Sometimes we know we will sell enough books to be able to.

We are a member of the Booksellers Association and the Society for Storytelling, we also offer ourselves as a Patron of Reading for schools.We are fully insured and have a PPL licence for public performances with music. 

All of this is a genuine cost and so is our accountancy fees, so, please try and see we need to sell books and services to survive. We hope you can join in and spread the word... 

We will try and bring over reviews from the old site and do new ones, it does all take a lot of time, sales and fees for talks are the important things at present...

@tonydoesbooks on Twitter

Happy reading and Listening and doing, stay safe.

Tony and the team associated with...