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What are we talking about? Simples... Meerkatly speaking... Ok no more jokes!

I'm not too brilliant with websites or social media, Sally-Anne (above) does our output and runs her own website
www.tapia-bowes.com for her adult writing, we share www.purplepenguinpublishing.com but she basically does the output there too.

But, I am really good at organising events and doing talks and workshops on my own, or with others.
I have plenty of knowledge and experience and contacts, but the issue is always finding time to make direct contact
with new schools and libraries and 'sell to them'.

And I'm talking about 'trust', not 'cost'. It seems so hard to find the people who respond to enquiries!

So, if you do find this blog entry and can share it please do!

I have edited several books for real local talent including typesetting and design work too.
I'm not a perfect fix but I am genuinely good at what I do and affordable. I'm flexible, we talk about real costs.
Having a decent eye for detail and spelling etc makes me worth using, I've read all of my life so I just SEE it.

My talks are varied and adaptable for all ages. Initially I do general book enthusing, I've done audiences of 300-500 as well as smaller groups.
I can do Reluctant Reading stuff and Mythology and World Tales. I can do a superb Dahl stand in and have an illustrator Holly who acts as Quentin Blake for the show. We can do Jeffers, Donaldson and Seuss too.

I am also a Living Historian as a Viking, we've helped run 5 annual events in Formby and display and talk at others. I do a very good talk and demo of stuff, I can do a whole day or just an hour, again it's enquire and discuss... I come in costume, have workshops and game demos and do history and sagas.

My Careers talks are great too, I've done all of KS3/4 and it's quite informative and inspirational. 

So, Over to the lucky few who see this and can help

Easiest is texting me on 07914636545 or email me tonythebook@live.co.uk