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Scrubland - review

Chris was an award winning journalist, he wrote about the drought in Australia in 2008 and I think its had an effect on him.

He uses some sensational style in telling this dark and twisty tale. I love that it's person led and not crime seeker led.

The book opens with a brutal account of  a year ago... the cherished and really decent priest shoots five of his flock stone dead with marksman skill.

Terroir: A sense of place created from numerous environmental factors ranging from soil types, exposure, climate, topography and various other elements specific to the unique location. Those factors have a real effect on the vine and its expression of character on the vines and in the grapes. Terroir can be effected severely by the choices the winemaker makes in the cellars and in the vineyards.
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I think this one word means such a lot....

We hear it from someone who actually knows and it has such a real meaning within Riversend... because it's dry and dusty and dirty and we taste it as we read.... Water is another much needed and used metaphor, we here in the UK just don't really ever get the need and never experience extremes like they do Down Under.

The way Chris captures the essence of place and delves into so many intriguing characters is a treat, he observes and recounts so much ever so well, he truly is a master at yarns and literally throws curveballs like a pro pitcher.

The simple effective to the pointedness of Australians is a key thing, why waste time and pussyfoot around, and the tiny section about Mr Puss is a key identifier of purpose, it's often what is, it's just how we see and say things.

All the way through this book we see what we see, whether we see it as we should.. is the secret ingredient of genius writing.

The Journalistic style and intensity of purpose is a fabulous part of this plot, the lack of technology and contacts is a really superb device too.

I'd love to divulge some plot, but I won't, you need to do as I did and read the book, it's utterly brilliant, I'd love to know more about Martin and the boot... maybe there will be another story... I really hope so.

We have everything from a Thorn Birds meets Steinbeck meets Chandler with a little All the Presidents Men thrown in....

A truly original, page turning thriller with damn fine characters that aren't always as they seem...  and a fiendish plot.