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A New Spook's adventure....


I wrote a piece on the tab on Joseph and our 15 years of working together and I'll add to that soon.

He is a superb writer, his ability to bring mythology to life in a setting so easy to navigate with characters so richly imagined into immediate reality is a real talent.

The Spook's series is seminal, award winning, multi-million selling and ever popular, however it has been about 5 years since we last had a look at the life of Tom Ward after the epic Starblade series which took us beyond the Wardstone.

A scene in this new book we are we are taken subtly into the past via a scratched wall and the consequences of paths taken comes to light.

I cannot share the cover yet, it will get formally launched soon, but it is superb and looks so fresh and dynamic it will bring new readers to the series and enliven old fans to read again.

I also can't disclose any real content as it's not out 'til April 2020... Brother Wulf will launch on 16th April and we hope to have a major event in Southport near where Joe and I live.

What I can say is this... it is epic, it brings several previous strands together and knots them tightly into your psyche of imagining, it is sensationally fast paced, action on every page, depth of feeling brought to the fore and myths melded into a world of Joe's own making. It truly is a classic and will be I feel a huge seller.

We may have a glimpse of Will Johnson, he's a Salford spook, he doesn't do the everyday stuff, he only does Witches and he has his own methods, but you will find that you tune in to his dance as you read about him. He is quite a creation, but he has depth and a purpose.

We do meet Brother Beowulf, a novice monk from a Lancastrian Abbey who is a gifted scribe and a lovely new character. He harks back to early Tom Ward in many ways, he knows not his pedigree but it is pure.

Other past protagonists do appear, wait and see... there is much from the Bestiary in this book too, Stone Chuckers and Glamours a plenty.

The real gem is the narration which drip feeds you snippets you know with things you want to know with scenes that really, you'd rather never see... but do read with both eyes closed and yet see ever so clearly. There is much blood and brains in this.

Once the cover is unveiled I'll pop it up at the top and when we get dates for events that too...

We can always get books signed by Joe as we see him regularly and we handle much of his local tours too... if you are a NW school/library ask for more info...

Once the bio is up on Amazon, I'll add a little more detail here, for now I'm just forewarning you...you need to be ready to read this on day one...don't be a follower be a Pilgrim brother/sister...