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Folks, I hope some of you share my blogs and reviews and suggest others come along and see (you could subscribe)

and then even...order books! The new store is open on here and will soon grow, but simply asking is also easy.

Without now having the walls, we are quite competitive on prices if that's needed to help salve the budget constraints.

We have Paypal and of course can invoice and supply with time to pay.

Mostly, we do schools and libraries and now also festivals...

We work with local talent - this means easy and cheaper as travel costs are much less and no rooms to stay required...
and national interlopers! Some keep coming back too!

It would really help for more of you to communicate and keep us all in the same loop...

We have developed some fab events and workshops, we can adapt things to suit ages and times and needs, but it helps if we are asked and discuss things, we will put up a list on the 'partnerships' page on the site.

We are doing a fair few events in libraries, we would love some RT-ing and sharing on -going on... go on!

We also are doing outdoors festivals mainly in the NW, but we will and would travel.

Sat 11th and Sun 12th May it's the superb Southport Arts Festival and we will be doing 10-4 both days in the Storytelling Teepee outside Sainsburys in the 'Mermaid Gardens'. With stories, activities and live music.

Mid August we are likely to be doing 2 days at the Albert Dock too! Tue 13th and Weds 14th

We would love to be doing talks and author visits for and with you... so, let's see what we can do and when this can happen...

Drop us an email  tonythebook@live.co.uk or even ring!
07914636545 (text is good actually- can keep a dialogue going and has the reminder factor)

Main thing is try and follow and share on twitter  @tonydoesbooks

and if we do events encourage sales from us and not Amazon! That is not the way forwards honestly!