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Polybius - review

Andy Briggs really knows how to make pages turn, he's been doing it for quite a while and is always ahead of the pack. He has teamed up with @spyquest and they have created something unique and soon it's going to be all over the place.

David and his team are touring big time, get following on twitter and they'll be near you soon, Saturdays and Sundays for free in local Shopping malls and free for local schools... so get involved.

We of certain ages remember spending time in arcades and trying to become high scorers, games had weird names like PacMan and we loved them, they moved on to high gloss handhelds and suchlike, also the new theme is multiplayer and the concept is used cleverly in this series of fab books. They work on all levels, adrenaline fuelled and tech savvy romps with plenty of Bondesque stuff added.

Imagine winning a trip to just play games and then maybe getting paid a lot... It happens I hear on youtube.

Polybius is literally a philosphy of being hidden in plain sight and slipping inside your mind and being there... it works...

These books are great fun, fast and frenetic, clever and yet very simple, so they tick all boxes. Ideal for AR readers and they have #AR too
that is Augmented Reality... it is quite special. IT will accelerate any reader and keep those less into reading happy as they play too.

David will visit schools for free and is approved by Scottish Book Trust and has won awards, the tour is massive do go and enjoy it, the kids will be absorbed and you can grab a quiet cappuccino or shop locally... a win win high scoring arcade boosting day out...