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We shouldn't need any more than one good reason to read, but if you join us on Friday 23rd March 12 Noon in Bolton Central Library
We will give you three

Karen Hamilton and her stunning debut, Perfect Girlfriend is one, it harks back to the Michael Douglas film yes, the Bunny Boiling...
But Karen has freshened everything up, it's all about Facebook you know, I'm so glad I don't use it. She weaves a majestic tapestry of deceit and destruction, mostly mental upon her willing victims. With flashbacks and vivid insight into the macabre mind of our heroine we are taken at breakneck speed to every destination UK long haul visits and soak up the scenery and bars and suchlike with aplomb.

The subtlety she uses to draw us in and make us feel sympathy for her characters is sublime, we do want the aggrieved heroine to get what she wants, even though it appears impossible, but sometimes like in all good fairy tales, wishes do come true... or do they!

There are so many simple but extremely clever plot twists in this book you can't help but store them and wonder where she got the ideas, it does worry me sometimes what goes on in authors heads...

Books 'of the moment' and believable are much more my thing than disbelieving events that happen to ordinary mortals, I love disbelief for immortals though. Karen has obviously either been badly jilted or did some jilting, I wonder if I'm brave enough to ask her...

Then we move to Dublin and meet a feisty and somewhat reckless detective and she really is a gem, Frankie and her team are always under budgeted and over spending to even try and get their villain. The problem is the villain is so, so clever and never really appears, what they do is apparent, but not they themselves. It races through glorious technicolor Ireland and the reality is again the key, it feels like it is actually happening, that is why it works.

I read both these books in nice easy 3-4 hour single sessions, arguably the best way to really get a book read, as long as you have the time and they aren't over 400 pages for me.

The sheer brilliance of this book is the way Olivia tells us so much and yet we miss the things we need to know the most, we are often within Frankie's thoughts and she is a marvel, intuitive and yet vulnerable, things have already gone wrong, this time really, it's last chance saloon.

Very topical too, I hate spoilers so all I can say is a touch of Glasnost.

finally, CJ Tudor and The Chalk Man... well, my copy is due today.. I'll pop back later