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It always creeps up on us, suddenly it is darker, colder, wetter, windier and it always seems to be after we have had some stunning sunny and warm days in September. You'd think after 54 years, of which I think maybe half of them I have had a brain, I'd sort of know we are in Autumn now and this is normal.

Anyway, it seems that we have to get used to a new normal, one I personally don't like, I am now doing Zoom stuff and Teams and FB live and more time on all online areas and is it worth it? Nope... 

But, it seems to be the only way...

I do hope though, that some of you will tell some others that using our online shop is worthwhile, I truly feel we offer a viable alternative to Amazon and can help you with books and a few other things.

We have plenty of fab signed books, will get more and also have a few other things of interest, decent second hand games and my new range of photos/prints.

It would be lovely to see more follows online and shares as we do not have a budget, in fact we are really hanging on by a thread, we have had no paid work since March, we got no Govt support and we got no local Discretionary support either and we have invested in this online thing.

We can offer access to some superb authors for events, just ask who and when and if any costs are involved...

I do hope at least a few of you can share this on and ask others to join us 
Twitter is @tonydoesbooks
Instagram is @beyondbooksmedia
Facebook is facebook.com/beyondbooksmedia

Thanks folks and stay warm and safe...