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Noah could never - review

Simon broke through with his amazing debut, Noah Can't Even and it went down extremely well, he amazes readers with his charm and wit and also most importantly his real life way of telling us to embrace life and take it as it comes, he is a real gem.

I've just romped through the sequel, it's hard to make book 2 better than book 1, in fact it just doesn't happen.

Apart from here...

This is seriously such a brilliant book, it's FUNNY and I mean FUNNY, it never stops and you stay with it all the way.
He does characters and empathy and pace and action with aplomb.

It is obviously aimed at ahem 15+ but anyone wanting their 12+ to get a glimpse of real life and relationships really should read it.

The sheer imagination of Simon to create such stunning scenes of madness and mirth is to die for, everything that can happen does but not in any order you'd expect. It is a rip-roaring read, so much does happen and Simon does a wonderful job of making it read so real.

A drag queen who takes 4 kids to Soho and a wild goose chase, a rock singing demented Gran and so much of an Pharoahrrr about a Pyramid.

Simon writes beautifully though, he genuinely is a treat to read, he does it so easily you feel you are 15-16 and encountering everything as the guys do, he takes all of the social stigma and stereotypes and mashes it up into a real drama, one worthy of saying it's a real life one.

His ability to take the likes of a Grange Hill add some Eastenders and then blitz it with Priscilla and Proms... with some Euro frisson added...

I'm so looking forward to meeting him and seeing how the lucky readers get a glimpse of his panache, anyone wanting to order signed books drop me an e tonythebook@live.co.uk we are eventing in Mid July... but seriously if you want 2 amazingly funny reads to brighten and enlighten your YA then these are they...

You'd be slipping on a banana skin if you didn't treat yourselves to these gems.