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Nevermoor Review

We all want a rollicking read, it's tough to say, what's as good as... or if you like...

Harry Potter etc

But, sometimes the hype is actually warranted.

This Wunderful book is one...

Filled with delights, simply told but very effectively told. Great characters and plenty of action.

Jessica has twisted common thoughts and made them spiffing, she's done a Wunderful job.

Wunder is electricity, magic abounds but in a cleverly understated way, she's used simple ideas so well, Gossamer travel, Dragons akin to Cowell and Umbrellas for transport but not Poppins.

Mog is a cursed child, destined to die matter of factly on the eve of her 11th or maybe 12th birthday, her dad loves her but pays the price for all the doom she brings, everyone blames her and he just accepts it and pays up. She is likewise resigned to her fate, it's been like that for 12 generations. Then, by Jove or Jupiter we find out, she can survive. He whisks her off to Nevermoor.

She finds most of it quite incredible, but just accepts things and gets on with her life, trying to fulfil her destiny as a Wundersmith, which actually for some is not a good thing, most of the Nevermoorians dread THE Wundersmith, he's been banished for over a century and yet she seems inexplicably drawn to him.

The action is plentiful and imaginative, enough dastardliness occurs and the humour is perfectly pitched. Anyone who wants a really cool adventure for their 8+ year old will not be disappointed here. They live in a weird hotel which actually changes and adpats as you settle, akin to the top of the Faraway tree in some ways.

Morrigan Crow is a feisty heroine and her dealings with the trials to become a member of the fabled Wundrous Society are just pure invention, she is haunted by her past and the clever use of Illegal immigration is a fine subliminal message.

I can't wait for book 2 and I hope you all agree...