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Moon girl stole my friend - review

JULY 20TH 1969 - I was exactly 3, stayed up late and was amazed, my earliest childhood memory and i hope to receive a few ecards this year with the hint!

So, the moon and the televised landing and all that entailed is  deeply routed in my memory and also things like Space 1999 and other far reaching Sci-Fi books and such that hinted at what it might be like.

Rebecca has taken it to a very natural place, a totally believable every day life just like now, but..then... 2099 

Taking a witty and imaginative look at what it might well be like if we do develop and embrace technology, I love the toilet that flushes as opposed to instant vaporisation of excrement that they are  used to, the hint at cola being banned and classed almost as poison, bar the one kid who guzzles it and says bring it back it tastes fab. We have robo-pets, flying bikes called Flykes and flying cars and all sorts of wacky inventions she has created, stickers that move once applied and holo-invites.

Deep down though, she has told us a very lovely story of growing up, falling out, finding a way to deal with difficult situations and proving that you are worth something to yourself and others. The book is ideal for anyone 6+ who wants a fast and funny story of make believe, it works equally well for any slightly less into reading 9-11 year olds as the cast is in Y6 and we get that wonderful look at cliques and being into celebrity and fashion and sadly but very well done, the cat calling and angst of being in with the in crowd or not.

Lyla and Bianca are best friends, but then Petra from the Moon lands and causes all sorts of trouble, seemingly ever popular, seemingly the girl to know and be with, but, there are deep issues, handled extremely well, this would make a great book for topics and discussions.

The future tech is believable and very funny, the whimsical looking back is astute and telling. There is also a mystery and some mad adventures and all in all a great and involving book, also it's fully illustrated throughout by Rebecca, shame not in colour...but, still fab to be done this way.

I do wish they'd done a little more of the Moon itself, but there's scope for future tales and the relationships are ones that can only develop, Lyla's little brother rapt up in active play and yet quite a little philosopher is a gem.

Rebecca hails from Bolton and i do events there, so I'm looking forward to a few days out after publication, it's out cunningly on WBD 7th March, get a copy and have fun and don't forget to celebrate 20th July, the wonderful illuminated Moon is touring museums, I saw it in Preston last week, it's on our instagram @purplepengpub