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Meet me at the Museum - Review


Is so simple and yet so difficult, we seem to say one thing and mean another.

This book is brilliant, it paints words and meanings almost as they happen. It is also so clever and yet equally so poignant and powerful.
The mere fact Anne uses words so well in two totally different languages, so cleverly translated as we read is amazing. 

Anders is very Danish, the Hygge I mention is one of the Scandi-Things we all now know of, I wonder if he did? He is very organised and on the surface undemonstrative of emotion, until he writes letters. Letters to someone he doesn't know and hasn't met or even seen.

The beauty of this book is it's power of portraying emotions we feel seen from afar and yet feeling we are actually there. It is so profound and moving and also page-turning, another point is we find out so much without ever asking.

Tina is so entrenched in turmoil, over a loss, a discovery and having so much to do that anything she ever wants needs be diaried and circled and hoped for. She's always wanted a glimpse of a past she read about in a country she knows not and by writing she makes several journeys that open her inner self to questions she would never answer, until she receives similar questions from afar.

There is so much I like here, merely having a narrative that is seemingly old fashioned, even when electronics are mentioned, we soon forget, we never notice that in reality it's about the joint efforts to reach out and feel and care about someone we deeply love, without ever saying those words.

We get glimpses of lives so different and yet so entwined, just like a knitted Teddy that draws things to a conclusion of sorts. If ever a trip to a museum was needed, I think a trip to see the Tollund Man will be high on the list for me and many others...

Anne is touring...go meet her...
especially when she is at Bolton Museum and Library on 5th June 1pm and you can buy her book off us for £10

Or order and we post for free... If I had a Danish airmail stamp it is a Plough ( Tina's farm) and an Airplane that never seems to fly...
But our emotions and those of the narrators do...

She is also in Coppice librray on 6th June again 1pm

Support local libraries, support local booksellers and support someone who is now local to us all by joined up writing...