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Listening Tree

This is the 'Listening Tree' she hears everything that whispers on the wind and her roots tap into the undergrowth and below where rumours stir...

Sally-Anne has travelled far and wide and gleaned snippets that have become realities in her wonderful stories, some are in her books, some are to be.
With her teaching commitments we can accommodate bookings on Friday afternoons and when there is opportunity for evenings and weekends, also Half Terms and other holidays. Always pop to our other site www.purplepenguinpublishing.co.uk and see what we do there and follow us on @purplepengpub too. We have several Festivals already booked for 2019 and hope to see some of you on our expeditions.

Tony has more free time as he luckily doesn't have to worry about being in one place more than another, his tours with authors are regular, but intermittent enough to allow more time for talks and stories to be told. He can do Vikings, Myths and Fairy Tales for all ages.
He also does a superb 'Dare to Dream' which takes life and work experiences and throws them into an interactive careers talk for 11-18 yr olds.

With the help of Holly doing her wonderful art, we can also offer assemblies and workshops on Dahl, Donaldson and other authors, with a little time we can tailor a talk to suit themes and ages as required.

Tony does an 'Aesop to Andersen' talk about the origins of Telling Stories with meaning, he's also performing at the Atkinson in Southport on Weds 6th March 7pm with his new, 'Behind Disney - myths and fairy tales'. 

It's easier to talk than type... so if you are interested in anything we maybe can do...just get in touch, we try to accommodate as much as we can at affordable prices.