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Libraries and Stories

We joined the Society for Storytelling in January, having realised we were already doing the job, it felt right to be 'official'.
We immediately had enquiries and bookings from the SfS website, partly as February is National Storytelling Month, but also because hopefully we appeared to be offering something a little different.

Sally-Anne is very well travelled, so we started with tales from places she'd been, some we adapted and some she wrote.
I've been involved in Vikings for the last 6-7 years and decided to do my own version of some of the popular sagas and also to rework some famous fairy tales/nursery rhymes with twists.

In July/August we have bookings pretty much every week, we do libraries and community group charity events and indeed actual festivals.

Sat 28th July 11-1 we are at Formby Library doing Tigers, it's International Day of the Tiger and we are both huge Jungle book and William Blake fans anyway, plus Sally-Anne has written a wonderful tale base don a holiday to France, it's similar to Judith Kerr's masterpiece, but she'd not actually read that when she wrote hers, but we do our version of the Kerr classic with a lovely hand puppet.

Sun 5th August we are in the wonderful Walton Hall Park, it's just off Queens Drive and is a lovely place, the 'Friends of...' who maintain and care for the park are 4 years into their community garden/greenhouse plan and it's a family fun day 12-4pm 

Sat 11th August we have been booked by Sefton Council for one of their huge Park Days in Bootle at North Park, right by the Strand and it promises to be quite magical, they have huge cardboard fairytale castles, donkeys and sand... we are performing 12-4pm on the stage.

Sat 18th August is  a viking day at the Atkinson on Lord Street in Southport. We teach a version of the old game, Hnefatafl and have created our own rules for children and a new version for adults, I do some sagas as we gather folks around the outdoor 12 foot board. We have been allowed to host the UK Hnefatafl Championships in Southport in October this year too, we will run a junior and adults competition with prizes!

Sun 26th August we are at Croxteth Country Park and House, it's majestic and we are hugely delighted to be doing stories throughout the day in support of the Rhys Jones Foundation, they have a family fun run on and wanted some entertainment...

We do music, songs, rhymes and stories and try to make it fun for all ages, it's great fun performing and we hope some of you will come along and meet us at a future event, or ask us to come to one of yours...