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King Coo and Spirit reviews

Easter is all about regrowth and not just eggs...

Xactly you say...

Ok another bad joke, I apologise again.

But it wasn't rubbish, just as well as in some ways both these books are...

NOT rubbish!!! ABOUT rubbish... keep up!

DFB send me some sensational books to read, often followed by an author to Promote in the NW and this has happened every year for at least 15 I'd say.

Whatever the age of any reader, it's always best to let them read what they want and see if they enjoy it, I'm not a fan of age banding, reading is just that, you like it and do more or you stop and say not for me, after all we all are different in many ways.

King Coo is a delight, fast, funny and packed with pictures, it is exactly what I remember about my growing up too, lots of exploring and making things up, or believing them, strangely exactly the same is true of Spirit, again, just like my growing up and what do you see and believe in.

They are for differing ages I'd say, but I'm 51 and loved them both.

Coo is just mad cap and magical, Spirit is just magical and capped with some madness.

Both are brilliantly executed and leave you wanting more.

Coo is a real eco warrior with Tarzan jungle skills thrown in and such fun along the way, think Molesworth meets Stig of the Dump. The pictures are just great and really help you slow down as you need to take time to absorb the details. Spirit is just superb, quality and quasi mind altering too, takes snippets of Shakespeare adds in Football and dens and hints of teen love and away you go... The beauty is in the details, it's like missing things in plain sight. You really do need to see to believe and I do!

I don't like spoiling books with my reviews, I rather like to just sow seeds and see what grows. But, I would like to think a short intro is enough to entice you all.

Coo is just a rollicking revenge or not and has so many clever layers and is a little bit like Mr Gum in some ways. I really liked it a defo 9/10
Spirit is sensational, the stuff we most love is always the simplest and the layers of emotion and intrigue are just so expertly done, this made me cry, laugh and think and remember being peter Pan when I was little... a real Tempest in Birnham Woods then 9/10 too, like Coo...