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House Swap Review

Simple is best...

I've often said and always mean it. Rebecca sticks to just that, tells us exactly what she wants us to know and does it ever so subtly  and with flourishes of uncanny misdirection. Exactly what a great thriller needs.

So, it is quite simple, we swap homes for a week, recharge the batteries, address the past and put life in perspective.

Caroline and Francis have had a turbulent time, they share a deep love of their son Eddie, but otherwise there are problems, dark ones they perhaps don't know they share. One thing they don't share is knowledge.

Rebecca whizzes us down many paths, some are exquisitely romantic, others edged with deceit and even malice. We just don't know what is coming as it is so cleverly written.

When so little happens in a book it takes a real quality to keep you reading and not guessing what is happening and why. 

We are drip fed at great pace so much that just doesn't dawn on us until the payoff, and then, there is an ending too.

NOT the one you actually expect, something far more powerful. It reminds me of a film with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland from the 70's made by Nicholas Roeg, 'Don't Look Now'.  That was sexy, menacing and heartbreaking, so is this.

Complex without being too psychological, nuance rather than necessity of fact. Seriously the quality of this as a debut is astonishing, there is something so different and yet so simply matter of fact that makes this book so readable, akin to 'Girl on the Train,' but more a drive in the country without a car... Or maybe there was a car...

I think these days books we can read easily in one sitting are the ones that work the best, I'm lucky I had 3 hours and spent it with this one.

A real treat and a fine 9/10 and for any wanting a signed copy, then use my PayPal and send me £10 and email me an address to tonythebook@live.co.uk

Rebecca is live at Bolton Library 1 pm on Friday 4th May...come if you can..or order beforehand!