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Eye Dears


Can you hear me?

Well, I'll settle for reading then!

I have lots of ideas, the problem is sharing them...

So, I wonder, can you help? Can you start by reading them and seeing which might be mutually beneficial to us all.

I'd love to be able to spend my time reading books, then selecting the best ones and best bits from within them and going to schools and libraries to share the stuff I know with others and entice, amuse and educate them properly, with ideas and imagination and creativity.

So, yes, a lot of us are doing this. I've done it for 30 years, but it feels harder. Not just to be paid, I can live without much frivolity in my life, but, to actually even be able to do what I'm good at... 

So, I've everything needed to succeed, but no-one is sharing me around enough. It would be so nice to see others passing on my details and me receiving enquiries that allow me to venture out and do what I'm good at...

It's a simple idea, but a good one!