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Don't touch

The old ones are the best, certainly in the Olden Places such as Celtic Eire, those that know do just that and are often dumbfounded, those that see should believe what they see and we all know you don't touch unless you are allowed or asked to, but, even then be very careful Albert.

Peadar recounts the Book Of Conquests in his talk and I also have read several accounts of the Fairies in Alan Garner et all, the common belief is of beauty but cruelty, for reasons often. It feels best to crave something beautiful, why would we want an ugly something? But not all that Glistens is Auric eh?

So we seem to see what we want and want what we see, that feels about right. Add in cruelty, because like the blinded prince in Sleeping Beauty or the cursed hero or heroine, and heroine is so much better sometimes, like here...they have so much more going on than heroes with swords I say.

The Call quite rightly is up for the Carnegie, whether it wins, matters not, it's been seen and rewarded for it's brilliance. It didn't need a sequel, but I'm glad there was one and especially glad it's this one and what it is.

It could stand alone just, but you are immediately drawn to the plight of Nessa and it is cruel on every level, but she is a real fighter as we know.

Taking us into the Hellish Grey Lands is the best plan, we know we will never come out alive and that helps the reader believe in what happens.
By giving more reality to the Sidhe inside their home also works so well, why don't we know more? we should, we meed to!

It's not my place to spoil plots or say too much, just this, For Crum's Sake read this book and The Call. It is a law of the words.

Seriously, I don't watch TV, haven't for 7 years, I don't drink or go out much, I should go out more... but, that's another tale of woes.
But, reading is a magic and we all want and need magic in us, as my last 4 reviews say!

I can't give 10/10 all the time and as it's a sequel I won't, I will give it 9.99999/10 though because it is that good, but you are best reading The Call several times first and then devouring the life and death out of this masterpiece.

He's with me in 3 weeks... so order a signed one via my Paypal for £10 inc delivery... a bargain and avoids not paying tax as it were...