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Many of us try, we search for the words or the means to engage and entertain and hopefully ignite the love we have. The love of creativity, imagination and stories. Books basically.

It is a gift to have love and let it grow, it can be all conquering and all consuming, why not let it be for you and all you know.

So, when we encounter the 'bored' , 'don't like', and 'nahhh' we sigh and think, what can we do?

It's so simple...

ALL buy a copy of this book and start and it'll continue, guaranteed.

I can sell you a copy for £5 inc free Postage just use my Paypal and tell me where to send.

The best ideas are the simplest and most effective, that is why this book is just so good, it says exactly what happens on every page, bar the ones where it says nothing and you just see things. Seeing is believing and you suddenly believe you are actually in this book and it's all real.

It is just so amazing, clear and colourful and cleverly worded with just enough words for any age. I'm 51 and 3/4 and I read it easily, my 3 and 11/12 grand daughter read it 3 times in the same amount of time.

So, just get a copy, from me if possible... and share it and make it the catalyst for love.