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does 1,2,3 equal

I've been busy, reading, it's what I do a lot of...
It's great, now we come to the tricky bit, how to make it add up.

So, not so good at Maths then?
Or maybe numbers are more your thing and words less so?

Let's simplify, we all like a good stare says Paddington... or we sit and watch a box, more a panel these days and does it vote for us?

I've carefully found approx 100 books that are brilliant, not ones we all applaud, these are useful books, ones that will help reluctant readers become avid devourers of books, ones that will entice imaginations to grow and ones that will stimulate discussion and arguably make us better at much we do. It's Mindfulness expanded with words and picture sin the hand, not online, although we all use that, I say, less is more.

So, what happens then?

You ask me to come and do a lesson/talk, I bring my books and ideas and we work together to make us add up better, I'm quite good value, certainly in the NW as it's easier and costs less for em and therefore you.

I can do a lot, I've been at it 30 years and I truly do feel we just need to agree and get things moving on.

So, we do Geography, History, Literacy and Numeracy and more... all in one go and all is fun and can really make progress for the kids who don't get it, or haven't had the chance to yet...

Please share my details on, maybe email me tonythebook@live.co.uk

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I'll put a list up at the weekend, but it really applies to any books, the 20% is what we BOTH pay to amazon you know, think about it!