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Dementia - Nicci Gerrard review

There is a lot of things we need, both in our own capacity to survive, but also in the need to know stakes.

The chronic mess of the NHS and Educational funding streams are big issues, the sheer scale of ill health and ill education we have still got is staggering and seemingly can't be afforded to improve.

But possibly worse, because once it's decided it's gotten into you or specifically someone you love and care for, then it's even more costly, because it really, really affects you in a way beyond anything you'd ever see or read about or even hear about.

Nicci Gerrard was and still is one half of a very popular writing team, Nicci French and their superb psychological thrillers.

But, she has written this book and I really want as many of you as possible to read it and support her in her campaign to improve care and funding for Dementia. It really is an epidemic about to hit us like an old fashioned flu pandemic, it's a Tsunami of disastrous dimensions and it's not picky on our current economic, mental or physical well being, it will just come and settle and stay and be the end of us.

Nicci has been through a huge amount of turmoil when her father developed and died from this vile infection, she has spent years asking questions and thinking and doing what she can, she is a real saint and her resilience and devotion and compassion are extraordinary.

Simply put, we are all ageing and dying, whatever we are offered and choose to do or not connected with education, lifestyle and leisure, the one thing that is certain, is that most of us will get cancer or dementia. Gloomy but categorically true.

So, we are doing what we can with cancer, it is progressing and arguably at least maybe for many, cures are possible.

But, with Dementia... there is no cure, no hope as of yet and sadly not enough is being done to even understand and deal with it now, let alone when it will affect so many of us soon, and that maybe in our 60s or 50s or even earlier, there is research showing early onset can be even in our 20s and 30s... very worrying.

Nicci has travelled and met and absorbed so much since she was compelled to do so, she is a living encyclopedia on the subject and needs to be seen, heard and listened to and read. You will find stories she tells are both harrowing and yet uplifting too, she has found humanity and love and it's there in all of us, as is the sadness and depression and pain.

I think we'll sell out of the book at our event, I hope so, then you can all just find a copy in a library or bu one locally if at all possible... try and not use amazon folks, please... after 30 plus years in the wonderful book trade, I've seen so many folks just seemingly accept the click and don't worry and it's seems cheaper mentality, don't decay the community around you with one that doesn't exist in reality, it's a misconception that digital and online is better, it really isn't, one possible cause of issues connected to brains and maybe things like dementia is the way we use them, we really need to get outdoors, do and see real things, talk and share real things and offer love and support for those we already love and those that can love us once they meet us, that doesn't happen online, it happens in real life.

So, by all means look for and need to economise, but do it in reality and try and move on to a better happier future for all.