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DE McCluskey is my pal Dave, he's quite a guy, he has already produced a series of comics which sell phenomenally well worldwide and he regularly travels far to conventions to meet fans and sell yet more.

He cleverly reworked Dickens into a Rhyming Graphic Novel with superb artwork by Joe Matthews and has also written several Graphic novels with award winning artists. His daughter Grace also entered the BBC 500 Words competition and has had her debut picture book recently published and is working on more as well as her acting.

Dave also has a major film in pre-production with major stars based on his amazing Liverpool in 1946 gangland meets swingtime noir he lovingly worked on with musical historian Tony Bolland.

He has written comedy horror as well as standard comedy, he did a stint as an award winning stand-up comedian and has been in a band which he may well reform, plus he works and has a life too!