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Ok, I say things like that all the time...But, I am right (usually)

978-1409174110 in HB 3rd May 2018 RRP  £12.99 and you can use my PayPal and pay just £10 and get it sent for free and Signed...
Because Sharon is doing an event with Rachel Abbott and we are the lucky booksellers at Bolton Central Library on 4th May 1pm

Sharon lives near me, we both live near Pendle and we both know how powerful and symbolic it is, it forebodes over the bleak East Lancastrian Moors and for a good reason. in 1612 bad things happened, they still happen and Sharon has delved into the  mythos of the moors
and the psyche of belief and cleverly used a  symbiosis of the 1960s too.

She writes with such passion and literally has your jaw dropping at the end of every chapter, always something that makes you go... NO!
Always followed by more relentless and yet subtle distress and actually, beautiful descriptions. She has partly taken the  backdrop of such despicable deeds as those done by Brady and Hindley and also what we have learned of the decay of the fabric of society due to impending modernity. Innocence is swept aside as teenagers are mysteriously disappearing, one is found in a Casket with a corpse and an eerie symbolic item.

Jumping from the modern day and a revisit for a funeral, we are taken literally along for a ride we wouldn't want with Florence Lovelady, she's not sure whether she likes to be called Flossie to say the least, but, as a sole WPC in a very male station in darkest mill town, Sabden which nestles in the actaul location of Pendle Hill, it has the actual pub with the actual cellar used to store prospective Witches before they went to the Assizes in Lancaster Gaol...

This story quickly becomes absorbing, both for it's excellent socialisation of an era and an area but also for it's utterly believable story of deceit and dastardliness. Larry Glassbrook is a real craftsman, so is Dwane Ogilvy and so we find out are others, it's just not cricket. Seriously, it is not cricket.

Florence is a truly inspired creation, feisty, feminine and most of all intuitive, one could say she has old knowledge almost divination. Which partly brings us to the Witchcraft, there is apparently a real Coven still practicising now, as they were in the 1960s and obviously for ever before.
Would we believe that they are only interested in doing good? Or as stereo-typically is oft the case, surely they hide their malevolence behind seemingly austere and ordinary exteriors. I love the blend of cultures Sharon brings to this town and the onset of unionism and yet, arguably mostly it's about power and corruption and protection, whether that is for children scared to play, for those scared to fight for their homes and jobs or those thinking nefarious deeds are done by moonlight. But is the real need actually protection from the Craftsmen?

You really don't want to get on the wrong side of some people and the clever thing is, we just don't know who to trust or believe as akin to the seminal Wicker Man this tale of Witchcraft has deep rooted local loyalties at it's heart, woe-betide a snooty female police officer who seems to just be there and we assume won't be for long. I just couldn't put my finger on what would happen and when.

It's very hard to review without saying much as the book isn't out yet... But, I do hope you trust me and order it, try and succumb to my charm of shopping with us as an Indie albeit online, we are trying to offer a fair deal and when we are doing events, you have the wonderful opportunity of signed or dedicated books, they can make excellent presents and some even carry value in the future.

Sharon has a pedigree as a thought provoking and excellent storyteller who adds just enough procedure into the mix, I think her strong links with the area and her utterly superb ability to use the right amount of feminism and guile just make this book superb. I generally find the better ones are written by women but have men that work, I really think so, more than the men who try and feminise.

I really do rate this 10/10 and hope some of you agree. See anyone who can amke it along to Bolton Central Library on 4th May 1pm