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One of our favourite libraries has this sign up... we found it...when  we went with fantasy writer, Joshua Khan, cunningly he also comes as Sarwat Chadda, which really helps with older readers as his stuff is sensational.

I'm bats about his Shadow Magic...it ROCKS!

It's hard to write a book, even harder to write a good one. Why then was it so easy for Joshua to write this stunningly good one? Simple, he knows his stuff, he pours detail and description in and adds sparks. It flies, along, its both action packed, tantalisingly dark and yet laced with humour, clever humour, stuff that makes you laugh twice. If you have kids wanting accessible and seriously rollicking reading... Get this and future books. It is a work of genius, anti heroes that still have to be evil... Class!

Then he's also written a sequel or two and they are awesome too!

I hold signed copies of both the UK PBS of 'magic' and have literally a few of his Chadda stuff and bookplates too.

Use my Paypal and we both save 20% avoiding amazon like they avoid tax... cunning eh?

We all want super cool books to read, his are, he's mates with Rick Riordan who invited him to tour the US and raves about his books.

He has a fantastic new book in preparation, and I'd recommend you read him and when possible buy from me or other real shops, we know price is a deal but seriously, we can only ever be cheaper if folks buy from us!

A real 10/10 rollicking read... Book 3 in April from the US, we may have a special deal...