Welcome Offer - 20% OFF RRPs over £30

After a long time...

Hello anyone who reads!

Times have been interesting... 

We are now still an official member of the Booksellers association, no real shop, as I now work as a Special Needs TA in a fab school, so this is a sideline hobby now.

We can order whatever you ever want, sometimes inc CDS, vinyl etc too
Gardners our big wholesaler do lots of fab things- you can see most by using Hive.co.uk - don't go by their prices, always ask....

We offer 20% on orders over £30 which is pretty fair as we cover postage for you which saves quite a bit. We have to take postage costs for overseas though, including Eire sadly. Since we left EU it just became too expensive sadly.

For bigger orders- usually schools we can tailor the prices to suit budgets, trimming a little of fixed percentages often rounds down and helps- so be cheeky and ask for more, as we are only a hobbyist we can make less but still do OK!

I am on Facebook both as the business- don't use much really, but also as me
Tony Higginson
It's nice to see and chat to anyone we ever interact with and sometimes you'll see news there and can ask for signed books at events etc easily...

For Instance- there is a new Frank Cottrell Boyce due on my birthday 20th July
He lives near me- so we can get dedicated and doodled copies by request!

Late August we are doing the fab Bolton Food Festival 26th-28th August
James Martin, Nisha Katona and Gok Wan- need to firm up what we can do re his books, others- pre-order a week before to make sure we do get your specific book as we sell out on the day usually.