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Abi Elphinstone

Twitter does help, the world knows Abi the Ice Magician now and she is melting minds and hearts everywhere she goes. Because she is a hot writer and we all just love to be whisked away on her Icebergs of imagination with beauty and wonder and peril aplenty. She delves into the Tundra of Andersen and others and takes us along for the read and ride.

Sky Song is divine and her soon to be discovered trilogy too, she has surfaced just at the right time, her curating of Winter Tales is superb too.

She was obviously an adventurous child and is still making every effort to explore in person and in mind, she throws in so much exquisite detail and clever plot and to die for characters, she has genuinely achieved a masterpiece almost at the first time of asking.

Or Eska-ing as her heroine is... Taking snippets of Norse and other Ice Queen sagas she has cleverly invented a magical and mythical mix of reality and epic adventure for anyone with eyes and a pulse. 

Her gift of telling it... is just superb, anyone basically 7-70+ will adore her writing as she is so fresh and yet so reminiscent it is just that... Just so.

Freshfield Primary is doing as they always did as it goes, wonders...

I've been for WBDs and many other times. Recently they organised  a superb evening of tales with Joseph Delaney and Sally-Anne and myself and we had a blast.

 They wanted the children to really get to feel how stories and telling them works, so Abi came up and Wowwed them and I chipped in for the younger ones dressed as Rapunzel and wearing my Snow White T shirt... 

So, if ever you want to know what makes stories work and how to get children to want to be involved..
Aska... Abi or anyone else who writes, they will make it work, just do!

There aren't many signed books left at £6 inc Postage..so be quick or they will melt away into memories of what could be...